Edding 363 Whiteboard Marker

JOD 0.65
  • The Edding 363 has a quick-drying and lightfast ink and a chisel nib for drawing fine lines as well as marking broader areas. All in all the right solution for busy professionals who look for perfectly working tools to have a clear mind for really important tasks. This Edding also works on other non-porous surfaces like enamel, glass or melamine
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  • Whiteboard marker for writing and marking on whiteboards and also suitable for flipcharts
  • The writing is dry-wipeable from virtually all non-porous surfaces such as enamel and melamine
  • The chisel nib has a stroke width of 1-5 mm
  • Easily residue-free dry wipeable, cap can be left off for several days without the product drying out (test climate according to ISO 554)
  • The whiteboard marker ink is lightfast and quick-drying
  • Available in the colors black, red, blue, green
  • Suitable spare nibs (Edding 29/363 spare nibs) are available
  • With no added butyl acetate
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