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DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Machine With CO2 Cylinder (White)

Carbonates Any Drink, Not Just Water
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The DrinkMate Home Soda Maker is an electricity and battery-free beverage carbonation machine that allows you to take full control of how you make your sodas. With the DrinkMate Soda Maker, you can carbonate almost any beverage thanks to its patented detachable ‘Fizz Infuser’ and technology that allows users to control the speed at which excess CO2 from the carbonation process is released from the bottle. Typical soda makers can only carbonate water, so the DrinkMate Soda Maker stands head and shoulders above the rest!

  • The DrinkMate Soda Maker allows you to carbonate practically any pulp-free drink in your fridge.
  • Easy to use and clean, plus it doesn’t require electricity or batteries.
  • Small footprint, so you won’t have to give up valuable counter space.
  • Comes with a Quick connect BPA-free bottle (spares are available separately).
  • Utilises a CO2 cylinder capable of producing up to 60L of carbonated drinks (one cylinder included in the pack – additional cylinders can be purchased separately).
  • we also carry an ample stock of cylinders and provide a cylinder exchange service.

This Home Soda Maker Kit includes:
  • 1 x DrinkMate Soda Maker
  • 1 x 60L cylinder
  • 1 x 1L PET bottle
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