Edding 345 Highlighter - For Luminous Results

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  • The highlighter with water-based neon ink comes in various brilliant colors, highlighting everything they touch. And the grey copy lighter is perfect for copying highlighted texts and particularly suitable for subtle text emphasis
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At home for calendars or in the office for highlighting text passages, the edding 345 highlighter has a bright impact on everything marked. Its chisel nib allows for finer and broader strokes, while the clip cap makes it possible to handily attach it to a notepad or a shirt's pocket.

  • Highlighter for the luminous marking and highlighting of text passages and notes on almost every paper surface
  • The chisel nib has a stroke width of 2-5 mm
  • Water-based neon inks in brilliant colors
  • The product is refillable with Edding HTK 25 refill service
  • Available in the bright neon colors red, yellow, orange, pink, light blue, light green, and grey
  • Made in Germany 
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