Fellowes Lyra 3 In 1 Binding Centre

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  • The LX Series Lyra 3-in-1 Binding Center is designed with the best-in-class quality, durability, and innovation you'd expect from Fellowes
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Your All-In-One Binding Center
Fellowes new Lyra 3-in-1 binding center was thoughtfully designed with an all in one solution for stapling, comb binding, and 3 hold punching. Bind your documents with ease using our Fast Loading. Perfect Alignment and EasyPress Stapler features, for PERFECT RESULTS!

One machine to enhance document binding productivity and simplicity!
Bind - Up to 300 Sheets (punch up to 30)
Staple - Up to 30 Sheets
3-Hole Punch - Up to 30 Sheets

  • Combines stapling 3-hole punching and comb binding in one machine
  • EasyPress™ double action stapler offers effortless stapling for up to 30 pages
  • Comb binds documents up to 300 pages, comb punches 20 sheets, 3-hole punches 30 sheets
  • Vertical loading enhances accuracy for faster punching and binding
  • Precision alignment of punching and stapling delivers perfect results
  • Document and comb measurement guides for ease of use
  • Built for the office classroom library and more
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