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Promate DeskMate-6 Adjustable Laptop Stand, with Anti-Slip Pads, 360-Degree Rotation

 Aluminum Laptop Stand with Adjustable Height, Air Ventilation, and Foldable Structure
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Superior Quality Sit to Stand Laptop Riser:

The Promate DeskMate-6 is a sit to stand laptop riser that raises your device to an optimal viewing angle, perfect for taking Zoom calls or making final edits on the go, complete with protective padding to help guard your device against scratches.

Aluminum Crafted Durable and Reliable Design:

With an aluminum-crafted unibody construction, the DeskMate-6 Aluminum Kick-Stand provides a sleek yet sturdy solution for elevating your displays, that is also highly durable and extremely reliable.

Extendable Height for Easier Laptop Interaction:

The DeskMate-6 laptop stand positions your laptop from 2" to 13.8" above the desktop to the best ergonomic positioning, reducing eye strain and fatigue. Convert this stand into a proper workstation or study station or even for Netflix viewing with ease.

360-Degree Rotation for Diverse Needs:

The Promate DeskMate-6 stand can be rotated a full 360-degrees, thus conveniently fulfilling all your requirements like watching movies, reading eBooks, attending online meetings, surfing the internet, performing presentations, or viewing photos. It is a remarkable product which can be easily used in the office, meeting room, outside, library, shop or kitchen. 

Adjustable Angle to Avoid Back Pain:

You have the option to adjust your stand at different angles from 0°- 90°. This stand elevates your computer so you can have more space on your desk and also is good for your back. The Promate DeskMate-6 is the result of a process of product development work rooted in ergonomic working best practices. The stand can be used when you are sitting or standing, facilitating good posture.

Heat Dissipation to Keep Your Laptop Cool:

The forward tilt on the stand of the DeskMate-6 improves airflow around the laptop and distributes heat away from the laptop, keeping your laptop cooler. This allows you to efficiently work longer hours and enhances overall productivity.

Enhanced Cable Management with Tangle-Free Design:

The cable management area through the back of the stand neatly routes wires keeping them organized and protected. This ensures that you never waste time untangling wires and gives you more time to be productive.

Lightweight Body with Ergonomic Design:

Designed to elevate your laptop for better viewing angles and create a comfortable slanted position for wrists while typing the Promate DeskMate-6 is also made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This laptop stand offers stability as well as maintains its lightweight form factor for enhanced portability.

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