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Promate GaNPort4-100PD Super-Fast 100W Dual USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger

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Upgrade to super speed 100W charging with GaNPort4-100PD. Featuring Gallium Nitride components provide an efficient charging experience with less heat and a 55% smaller form factor. Charge 4 laptops, smartphones, or tablets at the same time and maximum speeds.


GaN Technology for Efficient and Powerful Charging:

The GaNPort4-100PD charger features the next-generation GaNFast (gallium nitride) technology and GaN Chipset for reduced size and high-power transfer. GaNPort4-100PD can charge up to 4 devices from earbuds to phones, to tablets, and the MacBook Pro. GaN components waste less power and produce less heat, thus providing a more efficient charging experience.

Dual 100W Power Delivery USB-C™ Ports to Fast Charge laptops:

GaN tech works to lower power consumption, maximize charging efficiency by over 80%, and provide up to 100W of charging power. It supports Power Delivery fast charging with maximum power up to 100W, fast charge your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Pro, etc. Dual ports can output 50W Power Delivery when both are used to charge 2 laptops Simultaneously.

Ultra-Compact 50% Smaller Design for Extreme Portability:

The GaNPort4-100PD is the smallest 100W charger, which is 55% smaller than traditional chargers. It features an ultra-compact design made of high-quality material, conserving space and maximizing convenience with enhanced portability.

20W USB-C Power Delivery Port for Super-Fast Charging:

The GaNPort4-100PD charging hub comes equipped with a 20W ultra-fast charging USB-C™ Power Delivery port that is 4X Faster than traditional chargers. It is engineered to charge your USB-C™ compatible devices like Smartphones and Tablets from 0-60% in just 30mins. Enjoy charging multiple devices in different ports at once.

USB Compatible 18W Quick Charge Qualcomm 3.0 USB Port:

The Promate GanPort4-100PD has a QC 3.0 Port that is universal and provides a powerful output of 18W, so you can plug in a variety of USB-enabled smartphone and tablet devices at the fastest possible charge speed. Quick Charge 3.0 charges compatible devices for up to 80% in just 35 minutes. This is four times faster than conventional devices.

Simultaneous High-Speed Charging for 4 Devices:

With this high-speed and compact gallium nitride charger, you can now charge laptops or smartphones, or tablets at the same time. No need to decide which of your devices you need to charge first. Charge them all at maximum speeds.

Multi-Regional Plugs for World Travelers:

The Promate GaNPort4-100PD comes with universal 100V-240V voltage and UK/EU/US plugs. The 3-port USB Charger with US UK EU interchangeable adapters, all-in-one gadget fit almost all the countries, such as USA, Europe, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, India, Italy, China, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Malaysia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Caribbean, Korea, Thailand, South African, etc. So, you can experience high-powered fast charging while travelling.

Adaptive Fast Charging for all Your Devices:

The USB charging ports adapt according to the device connected for the safest maximum output per port. It automatically detects connected devices and supplies maximum charging current to those devices, efficiently and effectively. This technology delivers the fastest charge to all your USB-C™ powered devices keeping your phone powered up and ready to go.

Maximum Safety with Complete Protection:

This handy charger can automatically adjust power delivery and determine the correct power requirements of the device that’s connected to it and can make sure your devices receive the safest maximum charging speed possible. The safety technology also includes temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit avoidance.

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