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Promate Bolt-20Pro 20000Mah Slim Power Bank with Dual USB Ports, Safe Adaptive Charging

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Bolt-20Pro is engineered to be the ideal portable power bank for multiple devices. This high-capacity 20000mAh power bank ensures faster and smarter charging, through the dual USB output ports and a USB-C input/output port. The built-in multi-protection system combines high-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-charging protection, and more to ensure safe charging for all your connected devices. The smart LCD screen keeps you informed on the charge left on your power bank.


Power-Loaded 20000mAh Battery Capacity:

The Bolt-20Pro is loaded with a 20000mAh Battery Capacity that delivers full power to your various devices and charges them faster than a regular power bank. Save time on the charging speed with this super-efficient, power-packed, portable charger.

Super-Fast 10W USB-C Input/Output Port:

Charge your USB-C™ compatible smartphone or tablet with the Promate Bolt-20Pro power bank with a dedicated USB-C™ port, that offers ultra-fast charging. With the 10W USB Type-C™ charging input and output, you can charge your devices as well as charge your Bolt-20Pro power bank.

Dual USB Ports for Multi-device Charging:

An outstanding feature of the Bolt-20Pro portable charger is that it includes two USB output ports, which share 10W output. This means you can use the Promate power bank to simultaneously charge a smartphone as well as tablet devices. You can even charge two tablets at the same time, making this a very versatile portable charger.

Simultaneous Charging for 3 Devices with 10W Output:

Connect to either the USB-C™ or USB-A ports for super-speed charging of multiple devices, simultaneously. Both the USB-C™ port and USB-A port deliver a total output of 10W to 3 devices simultaneously. Now you don’t have to pick and choose which device to charge first.

Equipped with Adaptive Fast Charging Technology:

The Promate Bolt-20Pro automatically detects connected devices and supplies maximum charging current to the devices, efficiently and effectively. This technology delivers the fastest charge to all your USB-C™ and USB-A-powered devices keeping your phone powered up and ready to go.

Safety and Multi-Protection System in Place:

The built-in safety system supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection for your digital devices from any charging accidents and provides you with a worry-free, super-fast charge. It is safe and dependable. It ensures your device is completely protected from overheating as well.

Engineered with Smart LED Battery Display:

To keep you updated on the charging process, Bolt-20Pro comes with a digital display showing your battery level. You can easily understand how much battery power is that you have, so that you do not run out of power and can get it to charge as needed.

Button Controlled Display and Power On/Off:

The Bolt-20Pro comes with a button to control the display, show the battery percentage, and also power on/off this power bank. By double-clicking the button, you can view the display. By long pressing the button you can switch the power on and off.

Ultra-Slim and Portable Power Bank: 

This versatile power bank is super slim and portable, which makes it convenient to carry around while you travel or even for everyday use. You can use this to charge 3 of your different devices simultaneously and save space.

Recharge via USB-C or Micro USB Ports:

Bolt-20Pro is engineered to be the idealThe Bolt-10Pro has two ways to recharge the power bank. You can use the Type-C™ input/output port or the micro-USB ports to recharge this device. Never run out of power and stay fully powered with Bolt-20Pro.

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