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Promate ProCombo-12 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Sleek Full-Size 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard, Arabic Characters

Sleek Profile Full Size Wireless Keyboard & Mouse,Ergonomic Ambidextrous Mouse , Spillproof Design , Long Battery Life, with Arabic Characters
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Technical Specifications:

For Keyboard
  • Frequency: 2.4G Hz
  • Rating: 3V, 5mA
  • Battery: 2*AAA Batteries
For Mouse
  • Frequency: 2.4G Hz
  • Rating: 1.5V, 15mA
  • Battery: 1*AA Battery

Productivity Boosting Keyboard and Mouse Combo:
Increase your productivity with the Promate ProCombo-12 wireless full-sized keyboard and a high-precision mouse so that you can boost your productivity. Get more done with the sleek and contemporary styled design of the keyboard and the contoured shape of the mouse.

Complete Wireless Freedom with 2.4GHz Connectivity: 
The Promate ProCombo-12 wireless keyboard and mouse use 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology to provide a fast and most reliable wireless connection range of up to 10 meters to help you work with confidence without any lag or delays.

Full-Sized Keyboard with Media Controls for Great Convenience:
Type with ergonomic comfort on a full-sized keyboard that is optimized for improved accuracy. Control music playback, pause or play a video or instantly open up your email client and calculator with a single click. Type quickly, with complete comfort and accuracy on the ProCombo-12 keyboard that offers 12 multimedia and shortcut keys to make your work sessions super convenient.

Anti-Slip Silicone Base Pads with Elevation Design for Extra Comfort:
The base of the ProCombo-12 keyboard comes with silicone pads on the edges to keep your keyboard sturdy and stable during those long and intense work sessions. The keyboard also has a slight elevation and is angled to give you extra comfort.

Spill-Proof Structure for Extreme Protection:
The ProCombo-12 keyboard comes with a spill-resistant film inside the keyboard that doesn’t let water or other liquids seep in. This gives the surface of the keyboard extra protection and extra resistance to accidental spills.

Ambidextrous Cordless Mouse for Complete Comfort:
The ambidextrous wireless mouse provides accurate, smooth cursor control for effortless scrolling. Smooth Cursor Control with Enhanced Navigation for both left and right-handed people makes the ProCombo-12 mouse an ideal purchase for everyone.

High-Precision Tracking with 1000/1200/1600 Adjustable DPI Mouse:
With a built-in high precision sensor and DPI switch, easily shift DPI settings between 1000/1200/1600DPI for improved performance. You can adjust the sensitivity to match your screen resolutions and you can change it using the DPI adjustment button on the top of the Promate ProCombo-12 mouse. With the best optical sensors, you can expect improved efficiency for optimal performance.

Super Sleek Profile to Enhance Levels of Portability:
The ProCombo-12 keyboard has an ultra-slim in design and saves a lot of space while working even on a small desk. Moreover, you can easily carry it to your office, home, library, etc. as this slim profile truly enhances levels of portability.

Ergonomic Angled and Comfort Oriented Design for Long Working Hours:
The base of this keyboard is at a slight angle, which makes this keyboard perfect to use for long hours. The comfort-oriented design gives your hand a stable base that enhances your work and improves your productivity.

Advanced Auto Sleep Function for Longer Battery Life:
The built-in auto sleep functionality automatically puts the keyboard and mouse to go into power sleep mode when they are not being used to prolong the battery life. To reactivate them, simply press any button on the keyboard or mouse set and enjoy an instant wake-up response to start your work again.

Smart Nano USB Receiver:
The ProCombo-12 features an exceptionally tiny receiver that connects both keyboard and mouse in a single small powerful USB connection, eliminating the hassle of multiple receivers. Just plug it into a USB port and go.

Simple Plug and Play Method of Use:
Simply insert the wireless USB receiver into your device and enjoy typing and clicking wirelessly. No need to install any external drivers or software.

Wide-Ranging Compatibility:
The ProCombo-12 keyboard and mouse have universal compatibility, making it compatible with Windows7/8/10/XP/Vista, Mac OS. Works well with all major computer brands and pcs MSI, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and more.
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