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Promate Vision-HD 3-In-1 Ai Auto Tracking HD Streaming Smart Webcam with Built-In 3000mAh Power Bank, 360 Degree Rotation

Ai SmartTrack HD Handsfree Streaming Webcam,360° Auto Rotation,3 Mode LED Light,8 Hour Working time, 5000mAh Power Bank 
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Be your own videographer with Vision-HD and Auto-Tracking streaming webcam. The webcam is equipped with Motion Tracking Technology; it automatically detects the movement of the closest person and performs intelligent tracking. No app or Bluetooth connection is required; connect the device to a PC/Laptop or place your phone on the stand, and you’re ready to get recording HD quality video.

Technical Specifications
  • Resolution: 1920*1080P,Effective Pixels: 2MP
  • Built-in mic: Stereo
  • Working voltage: 5V, 2A
  • Protocol: UVC/UVA
  • Video Output: YUV
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh 
  • USB Output: DC 5V/0.5A
  • Cable Length: 1.5m
  • OS support: Windows 10/8.1/7, Mac 10.7 and above


3-in-1 Multi-Functional Ai Powered Webcam with 3000maH Power Bank and Phone Holder:
The Vision-HD is a multi-functional 3-in-1 Auto Face Tracking 1080P webcam with a power bank, and phone holder, that can be used to record videos, attend online work or school calls. This device is specially designed for vloggers, Tiktokers, reel creators, and even for work or school calls.

Innovative Ai Auto-Tracking for Handsfree Videorecording:  
SmartTrack technology with Ai learning automates tracking during video records or live streams, keeping the person in the centre of the frame. This is made with Intelligent Motion Follow-Up technology; it will automatic horizontal follow your every move for the ultimate video recording freedom.

360° Auto-Rotating Smart Webcam:
Vision-HD is designed to be a tracking holder with 360°rotation auto face object without delay. It is a perfect alternative to a selfie stick. It can recognize the user’s face quickly and is more efficient and convenient when you make live streaming or video streaming.

0.5m-8m Tracking Range with SmartTrack Technology:
The Vision-HD webcam is suitable for large conference rooms or your small home offices. The SmartTrack technology tracks your face in any environment within 8 meters making it a superior multifunctional webcam.

1080p High-Definition Video Quality:
HD lens and smooth autofocus ensure that everyone in the room is seen in brilliant, sharp, clear video quality. It delivers crystal-clear video detail with 1080p resolution at 30 fps. This 2-megapixel webcam ensures sharp and smooth video clarity for your zoom calls, online classes, etc.

Auto Clarity Correction for Clear Video Stream:
The Vision-HD provides a vivid video stream. This webcam features Auto Clarity Correction, to make your video calls clear and efficient. This is great for work meetings, live streams, and online classes in low-light environments.

Built-In 3000mAh Power Bank with USB Port: 
When you are going outdoor doing a live broadcast or recording a video and your phone runs out of power, this device has a 3000mAh power bank to charge the phone. Dock and charge your smartphone and other USB-enabled devices directly with a USB cord.

Steady and Secure Phone Holder for Vlogging:
Release your hands. It has a smartphone mounting slot with silicone pads to ensure your device is steady and scratch-free. Motion tracking moves with your moves and helps you record without the need for any other videographer. Record vlogs, attend zoom meetings, live stream, etc. completely handsfree with the Promate Vision-HD.

Additional Mounting Options with 1/4 Screw Hole:
An additional phone holder can be mounted on the top 1/4 screw holes that are present on the Vision-HD webcam. You can place your phone in landscape mode and record videos, live stream or attend zoom meetings on this mount. The additional height paired with the auto-tracking will ensure you are in the middle of the video.

Compatible with Tripod:
You can use this Promate Vision-HD Webcam on your desk or put it on a tripod. It comes with a 1/4 screw hole at the bottom, the Auto tracking pan/tilt can be used with a tripod to adjust the shooting height and increase your use of scene

High-Clarity In-built Microphone:
The Vision-HD comes with a built-in mic that can be used to capture audio clearly and efficiently. This device is great for your video calls as well as live streaming and video recording via the webcam.  

On-Board Bright LED Light to light Up your Videos:
The Vision-HD comes with built-in two LED lights on either side to brighten up even the dullest of videos. This device is great for dimly lit rooms as the LED modes can make your video clear and bright. This feature makes it great for make-up videos, taking photos, and even late-night live streaming.

Button Controlled 3 LED Light Modes:
White Light, Warm Light, and Dual Toned LED light modes to let you capture pristine quality video in any environment. One button control, three modes, white light, warm light, dual light source. You can easily adjust the light tone and brightness that you desire.

No App or Bluetooth Connection Required:
No app or Bluetooth connection is required; connect the device to a PC/Laptop, and you’re ready to get calling. It also has a built-in camera and sensor for automatic tracking.

Powered by Rechargeable 3000mAh Battery:
The Vision-HD webcam comes with chargeable batteries that can be inserted into the device using the mini screwdriver that comes with it. This 3000mAH battery once placed in can be charged using the 1.5m USB cable in the box. You can charge it with a Power bank/Computer/laptop/wall charger through the USB port, and it provides more than 8 hours of usage.

4 LED Battery Indicator:
There are also 4 LED battery indicator lights on this device that lets you know when it’s time to charge. The sub-meters indicate 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%
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